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As the decade of the ’10s came to a close, 2019 gave us a phenomenal year of GREAT independent music. It was so difficult to come up with any kind of best of lists because I felt like I was doing so many artists a disservice by leaving them off, but I did take a shot at best 30 songs of the year in this post.

So here is the story… This blog will be pretty simple. I will let the music speak for itself for the most part, but I will give you 3 words that each song evokes or brings to my mind when I listen to it – hence 90 words for 30 songs. These words might form a sentence, they might be adjectives, they might just be pretty damn random. My hope is that they are intriguing enough to get you to click on the link and discover something maybe you had not heard before. So without further ado – here are my top 30 songs for 2019.

As a bonus treat…
I have included my Spotify Playlist – Best Songs of 2019
Scroll all the way down!

30. Left Out – We Are Only Human Once

It Gets Loud

29. Going to the Beach with Haley – Black Belt Eagle Scout

Airy, But Powerful

28. Exits – Foals

Plunky Math Rock

27. An Empty Corner – Wilco

Wilco Comfort Food

26. Truth – Bodega

Quirky Dancy Fun

25. Don’t Waste My Time – Sault

Funky Screechy Rythmic

24. Unbearably White – Vampire Weekend

What You’d Expect

23. Ocean – Fruit Bats

Singer Songwriter Fingerpicking

22. Lone Cowboys – Ty Segall

Best Rock Voice!

21. Method Man – Steph Chura

Kicks Ass Bookworm

20. Keep it Up – Hovvdy

Muddled Lo-Fi Goodness

19. Andromeda – Weyes Blood

Karen Carpenter Lives

18. Buzzkill Caterwaul – Kyle Craft

Flamboyant Beatlesque Flair

17. Real Thing – Lower Dens

Breaks My Heart

16. Scarecrow – Wand

Los Angeles Radiohead?

15. If You Want It – Jay Som

Bouncy Euro Feel

14. Hey Hey – YACHT

Dance 80s Dance

13. Let Me Listen In On You – Yeasayer

Final Orchestral Electronica

12. Weird Ways – Strand of Oaks

Goshen Indiana Stunner

11. Running out of Time – Chris Staples

Contemplative Calm Beauty

10. Whitsand Bay – Metronomy

Bass Earworm Underwater

09. Can’t You See – FIDLAR

Catchy Ass Rock

08. Why Does My Mind – Hot Chip

Big Wide Smile

07. Nerf Ball – Symbol Soup

Obscure Perfection Listen!

06. Giving Up – Whitney

Makes Me Melt

05. Oil – Crake

Beautifully Weird Vocals

04. The Lotts – Fontaines D.C.

Dublin Political Hooligans

03. Placeholder – Hand Habits

Heartbreaking Chill Mesmerizing

02. Death in the Midsummer – Deerhunter

Branford Cox Genius

01. Not – Big Thief

Best Song 2019

So there you have it… The breakdown of my favorite songs of 2019 – 3 words at a time!

To listen to the whole list I have provided a Spotify Playlist Below – ENJOY!

Symbol Soup and the Resurrection of OGNM

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OGNM – OldGuyNewMusic
Yes, that was me a couple of years back when I was blogging for WCYT, just a old guy trying to maintain my edge and continue talking about what I love the most – Independent Music.
Well I have not stopped talking about music, ask anyone I know, but I did let the blog go by the wayside… until a band called Symbol Soup prompted me to come out of retirement!

So Symbol Soup…

This is a band out of London, UK that is absolutely brilliant, but absolutely obscure. Forty Five – yes – F O R T Y F I V E – that is how many monthly listeners they have on Spotify and in my opinion that is a crime and basically was the onus for me jumping back into the OGNM blog!  The latest album they have Participation Trophy is creative and beautiful and catchy all at the same time.  Listening to Symbol Soup reminds me of Pavement musically and of Sparklehorse a bit with the way they use noise.  I actually reached out to the band on Facebook Messenger and told them of my quest.  They were very cool and very appreciative. In addition to the bands mentioned above they mentioned Hovvdy and Happyness as current bands that have shaped their sound.
So here is your charge… I am shooting to push Symbol Soup over 100 monthly listeners in the next couple weeks, then who knows.  Give it a listen, if you like it share it with your friends.  If you don’t, give me a shout out and tell me where I am wrong on this band.   But whatever you do – keep talking about music!

Check Symbol Soup out on Bandcamp at: https://www.symbolsoup.bandcamp.com/

Inside Homestead Athletics

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Ashton and Carson take you inside Homestead Athletics from the Homestead Vs Carroll football game on 11-8-19. Carson gives a rundown for the past week in Homestead sports and Ashton interviews coach Rod Parker.

Listen here and subscribe to all of our interviews and more just search for The Point 91fm on your favorite podcast app.

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