Indiana Association of Student Broadcasters 2015 WCYT Winners

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We would like to congratulate our student broadcasters on the great showing at the Indiana Association of Student Broadcasters 2015 state competition in Indianapolis. WCYT took home two first place trophies, two second place awards and two third place awards along with two students finishing as finalists for the live broadcasting portion of the Indiana Association of Student Broadcasters for the year 2015.
Casey Stanley – Radio Imaging

Austin Render, Garrett Willis, & Connor Fitzharris – Sporting Event Broadcast

To Listen to the other winning entries Click here

Ty From Metavari comes into The Point for an Interview

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Metavari “Moonless”

Last week we had one of the founding members from one of  Fort Wayne’s best electronic bands,  Metavari, in studio. Metavari’s brand new album Moonless came out February 17th and is available in town at our buddy Neat Neat Neat Records and Music and will have their record release party March 7th at the Phoenix in Fort Wayne.

Our DJ KollyD had a conversation with Ty in studio about the origins of the band, the new album and more so if you missed out this weekend take a listen here. Don’t forget to request their newest song “See Again” at 260-431-2911 the request and TEXT line.

The Shaman’s Selections: Top 10 of 2014

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That’s Right, You’re Already Dead!


1. Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!

I couldn’t comfortably dictate a list of top albums until well after the entirety of 2014, but this release was surely the winner despite a constantly shifting list of runners-up. FlyLo (a member of the famous Coltrane family, for those unfamiliar) hones his style masterfully on this release; at times he weaves instruments so seamlessly that you might think you’re listening to some enigmatic result of jazz-fusion records that melted together with a progressive rock LP in some hot archival basement during the early 1970’s, but while taking advantages of all the abstract possibilities that electronic music has to offer the album carries a distinctively untouchable modern flair. Indubitably a work best served in one continuous run-through, You’re Dead! sees this musical trip progress from schizophrenic jazzy freak-outs to equally unique hip-hop segments featuring his mystical alter ego Captain Murphy and recognizable names like Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar. But guests are few and far between and those moments arrive within the first ten minutes of the album; the real treasure lies in the belly of the beast, and the glory belongs to the Lotus. His signature style of short yet powerful numbers that center around electronic foundations that resemble the clicking, morphing, and shifting of the doors of perception in the unconscious mind is all too present, and sweeping orchestral accompaniment and soaring, often wordless female vocals are still here as well. Try as I might, my words can’t provide aural synesthesia so its time to just tell you to listen. I’ll leave you with this: the man behind the album has elaborated on its concept in multiple interviews, and if you’re going to just sample a track or two, you can’t go wrong with “The Protest” or “Coronus, The Terminator.” But don’t pretend you don’t have 40 minutes, either.

2. Teebs – E S T A R A


A member of Flying Lotus’ record label Brainfeeder, fellow L.A. native Teebs creates dreamy instrumental electronic music similar enough to FlyLo’s to draw a referential comparison but more than unique enough to firmly stand on its own two feet. “Atmospheric” is a frustratingly abstract term to apply to music, but in certain cases it’s the only logical solution. This is one such case; E S T A R A is an album that provides the perfect blank canvas for pure mood, whatever that mood be. Perhaps a crisp, warm May sunrise that bursts purple and orange over the lush green trees and calm but detectable breeze before ascending into the sky to observe humanity’s daily bustle is the scene that echoes the feeling the album elicits through its mechanically interlocking yet alluringly organic electronic soundscapes, or maybe  the contemplative gaze outside a window spattered with the perpetually falling and exploding bursts of fallen raindrops on a brisk, cloudy, and grey day from inside the conditioned sanctuary of a vehicle moving over pavement at the speed of the Earth’s rotation while windshield wiper blades periodically slash across your field of vision only to reset the situation is more of your association. Whatever your setting, this album is one that lends itself nicely to quietly kicking back in contemplation, and once again, is properly served whole. If you must, “Wavxxes,” “Grattitude,” “Shouss Lullaby,” and “NY, Pt. 2″ are prime cuts, but you’re selling yourself far too short by missing out on the entire meal.

Check out his debut Ardour, too.

3. Run The Jewels – Run the Jewels II


The opening track “Jeopardy” says it all – Run the Jewels is the answer, your question is “What’s poppin’?”But in case you’re late to the party, Run the Jewels is the initially unlikely collaborative project between legendary NYC underground hip-hop rapper and producer El-P whose solo albums typically depict futuristic dystopian concepts laden with highly complex and meticulous production and southern-fried Atlanta MC Killer Mike. Both artists create quality hip-hop in their own right, but during the summer of 2013 they teamed up after El-P produced Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music (an exceptional album whose title track offers quite possibly the best appraisal of what true rap music is) to release Run the Jewels, a hard hitting free album that combined both individual styles to create something truly unique. Last year, they came back to cement their position as the rawest rap duo in the game, and achieved success in their chosen endeavor. El-P’s production is on point, providing a pulsing energy that keeps your head bobbing, legs bouncing, or fingers tapping throughout the album’s 40 minute duration and always maintaining a freshness that holds an undivided interest. Throw in the maniacal tag-team ferocity of El’s and Killer Mike’s raps, and you’ve got all the makings for a top-tier hip-hop album. Spin this one, and 40 minutes will pass in the span of what feels like 15; many tracks move at the speed of blitzkrieg but a couple slower, plodding numbers are present to make things interesting. Even though the lyrics are often raucous, utilizing the classic hip-hop metaphor of violence to illustrate their lyrical superiority, the verses go much deeper than that. Features are few and far between (the focus is on El-P and Killer Mike, after all) but popular names of rock music that peaked in popularity approximately a decade ago surface here, namely Zach de La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine and Travis Barker of Blink-182 fame. There’s no weak link here, and a vast majority of the songs on this album are in strong contention for the best, but must-listens for you flaky folks are “Jeopardy,” “All Due Respect feat. Travis Barker,” “Crown,” “Early,” and “Angel Duster,” perhaps the most lyrically intriguing song on the album.

4. The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream

EnjoY In Music!

From the opening layered clicks of “Under the Pressure” that echo the raindrops falling on the window behind Adam Granduciel that blur into a pulsing classic War on Drugs piano-driven beat, and soon into a morphing autonomous beast of a rhythm that sucks you into its ever-flowing river of sound so deep that you become lost in the music, its clear that this record is off to a great start. The air of melancholy that drenches the albums reverb-laden production is a marked improvement over past releases, and beneath that outer gild of sadness is a core of quiet determination that cracks through the surface most notably in the form of wild yelps over the most powerful sections of song. Clearly indie rock’s champion of 2014, the record brings together those influences along with that of an ever-present keyboard-generated ambient background to create a detailed atmosphere that lifts you out of the river’s soaking clutches and into the grey, misty clouds through that window and soon into the sunny yet frigid majesty of Earth’s thin blue outer reaches far above the ceiling. Each track is a standout in its own right, but clearly the winners here are single “Red Eyes” (a perfect example of that heightened conviction), its successor “Suffering,” with one of the classic guitar solos of the new decade that perpetually melts into itself then explodes over a softly plodding rhythm. I could go on, but its in your best interest to just throw this one on and kick back for an hour, find a great chair with a window.


8. Cunninlynguists – Strange Journey: Volume III

strange journey3

“Hello. My name is Miley 3000, your AOI Flight commander
Your mission is simple: proceed 13 parsecs to planet Earth
and verify intelligent and empathetic life.
Good luck on your strange journey, gentlemen.
Oh, and one more thing: try not to die.”

Hip-Hop is the modern day rock ‘n’ roll, and this album’s niche is analogous to that filled by space rock in the late 60’s. Crisp, smooth, and punchy, Strange Journey: Volume III delivers a fresh smattering of catchy tunes best served while cruising in your vehicle of choice. The breezy ambiance set by the grandiose and spacey production contributes greatly to the easy flow of the record, and the continuity found here is without fail; you may actually feel as if you’re floating through space’s void in that classic ride pictured above. The flow of the verses found here is a nice complement to the albums aforementioned general flow. As always with any hip-hop album worth listening to, the lyrics here have more depth than materialistic emphasis on property and substance, touching on everything from the existential problems of deep space to those found in human romance. These punninlynguists are indeed quite the cunning lynguists, and this shines through most profoundly on the fantastic semi-autobiographical oral history of physical music and hip-hop itself “The Format,” if there’s one track to be heard here its this one. If you want to continue the ride out of order, “Innerspace,” “Dying Breed,” “Guide You through Shadows,” and the killer closer “Urutora Kaiju” are your best bets. Apart from the ideal action of playing the record straight through.

9. The Doppelgangaz – Peace Kehd

Basic CMYK

“Hello boys and girls. This is Uncle Dick; let’s all take a trip to Mr. Smarry’s garden.” – Peace In

The calm and soothing instrumental intro of “Peace In” is parametrically opposed to the songs that follow, as evidenced by the explosions, machine-gun fire, and tortured animal wails that draw it to a close. This is music for drifters, made by the second most cunning (not to mention up-and-coming) duo in hip-hop. Matter Ov Fact cooks the beats while EP spits the verses, and both keep their department looking and smelling fresh. The beats are the clear high mark of the album, always smooth and chugging along with an inventive sound that conveys the beautiful grittiness of life, but the poetic lyrics are just as effective in their own right. I say that “Peace In” is parametrically opposed to the rest of the tracks here as opposed to diametrically opposed (get it?) because the production’s sound is quite similar but the mood conveyed by the lyrical music can be quite dark at times (see “Holla x2″), or rather a satisfactory evaluation of the doppel-lifestyle as in “Live Rugged.” Either way, The Doppelgangaz have crafted an enjoyable album with an original take on hip-hop music that earns the 6 spot on this list. Apart from the other two highlights listed, “What’s Your 20″ and “Fall Thru” are selected outtakes for your personal enjoyment. Let’s continue.

10. Issue – Liquid Wisdom
liquid wisdom

Here’s a prime example of some obscure, atypical, yet unique and fascinatingly enjoyable hip-hop album from the rather passive scene of the San Francisco Bay Area – Vallejo specifically. Issue is the son of professional SF-area rhyme-hustler E-40, but his music is far too distanced from that of his father’s to even draw a comparison. This album carries a laid-back vibe that makes for easy and pensive listening. Breezy like the wind over the plains behind our masked rapper (no, that’s not MF Doom), the production here is lush and sparkling. A large amount of the album’s lyrical focus centers around tea, an unusual concept but also one that separates him from the pack a bit. Straddling the boundary between drinking a hot tea in a Japanese pagoda deep inside Golden Gate Park and driving an expensive sports car through the affluent neighborhoods on the north side of the San Francisco Bay, sometimes Liquid Wisdom decides to buy a plane ticket to Europe just to explore the various locales over there. The point is, this album is unusual (weird? perhaps, depending on you) but being unlike anything else you’ve heard from 2014 doesn’t detract from its quality. It’s hard to really get a comprehensive feel for the way this album sounds, but its definitely more hip-hop (art) than rap, and probably fairly inaccessible for a bulk of traditional hip-hop listeners. Not that that matters. The pop number “Livin’ on a Dream,” presents a convincing case for the best track here, but “Ten Monks,” “How I’m Feelin’,” “Look Into My Mind,” and closer “Seeing Diamonds,” present equally strong competitors.

Superintendent of SACS Top Albums of 2014

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Dr. Downs, Superintendent of SACS shared his top 10 albums of the year with WCYT.

(in no particular order)

Lucinda Williams Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone
Ryan Adams Ryan Adams
Sturgill Simpson Metamodern Sounds in County Music
War on Drugs Lost in the Dream
Old Crow Medicine Show Remedy
Bruce Springsteen High Hopes
First Aid Kit Stay Gold
Old 97’s Most Messed Up
Hard Working Americans Hard Working Americans
Tweedy Sukierae

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