“Worship The Sun” Allah-Las Review

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‘Worship The Sun’, the sophomore album from Los Angeles natives Allah-Las, is a renewing but innovative take on the psychedelic era that gives the listener a break from the rushed standards of today’s world; possibly making it one of the best albums of 2014. Like their 2011 self-titled break out album, ‘Worship’  is filled with slick guitar licks and colorful rhythms.  They offer a dominate lead guitar that doesn’t drown out the nostalgic lyrics, which are just as smooth as the music itself. It is hard to describe the album without using words like “fun” or “blissful”, but these elements melted together serves as the perfect combination for an album pulsing with beachy vibes.


As someone who did not grow up in the 60’s (or even by a beach for that matter), it is easy to appreciate the veering rifts and even simplicity ‘Worship The Sun’ presents.  The album does not fall into the trap of creating a false image of the 60’s, nor is it filled with truisms. They effectively feature a few instrumental tracks such as ‘No Werewolf’ and ‘Ferus Gallery’ without pressuring the listener to skip the track, which is a huge feat for a society anticipating catchy pop-lyrics to sing along to. One of the albums greatest tracks ‘Every Girl’ has a strong Fleshtones feel to it, but is shaped enough to sound new. Allah-las is not trying to trick the audience into thinking they are really a 60’s band, but grows an often misrepresented genre. You can’t feel anything but good while listening to them. It is like they continue to progress while slightly peaking back.



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