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Welcome to the brand new website for The Point 91. We have added a lot of content to the site and will be adding more in the coming weeks. We have a new Should We Add poll up, we are going to have the entire catalog up for your browsing pleasures, a new look to what is currently playing, a top albums feature, a music blog (more info after the jump), and a big section featuring Homestead high School Sports. In addition to our upgraded site, our station stream is now setup for you to listen in on your mobile phone!

Currently we are looking for people who are passionate in music to come blog with up. No professional resumes required, we want to get people who are interested in reviewing new music, in tune with the Fort Wayne music scene, or interested in blogging about music in general. Just contact our marketing manager Andy Dunn at andy@wcyt.org.

There will be ongoing upgrades and new features coming daily so keep checking back.

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