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Twin Peaks: Down In Heaven- Grand Jury

By: Cameron Kruger

I think it is safe to say that this is my favorite album of all time, or at the very least, of twenty sixteen. Twin Peaks is my favorite band and I would wager that this is their strongest album. In albums past their sound is very low-fi and garage rock esque, fitting seeing as their first album Sunken was recorded in a basement with very little in the way of high tech recording software. This new album retains the garage rock sound that Twin Peaks was known for, but with much more depth to it. The Keyboard adds a very classic feel to many of the songs with a stand out example being track six “Cold Lips”. The keyboard creates a strong opening and thus a completely different feel from the purely garage rock sound of most anything on Wild Onion. This coupled with the increase in acoustic guitar create a much more relaxed and slowed down pace throughout the album, not to say that the album doesn’t have it’s own energy. Songs like “My Boys” and “Butterfly” are upbeat and energetic while containing some great acoustic guitar.

The Album has an overarching theme of relationships. The album itself tells the story of a young man falling in and out of love with a girl and some of the tribulations along the way. From the roaring start of the relationship in “Walk to the One You Love” all the way to the acceptance of the end in “Have You Ever”. But it’s about more than just relationships with “Holding Roses” being about accepting loss in general through a nice Beatles’ inspired tune. The dramatic highs of of the beginning of the album to the more quiet and thoughtful middle all the way to an ending just as energetic as the beginning help to cement the themes and create a cohesive story throughout the album. Between great music and a great story of love and loss Down in Heaven is easily the best Twin Peaks album, and just a great album overall. I highly recommend that everyone who reads this review gives it a listen if they haven’t already.


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