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Remember Us to Life by Regina Spektor

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An album review by Emma Poor

Remember Us to Life by Regina Spektor is her seventh studio album and one of her best ones yet. For most of her songs she recorded with a full orchestra that increased the intensity of her music. Her lyrics are powerful and well-written, digging to the heart and begging you to listen. Her songs are more lyrics driven than anything where the full orchestra adds to the lyrics by swelling up behind her words. In Tornadoland when her lyrics turn more jazz inspired, the orchestra remains eerie and increasingly grows louder. In most of her songs, she sings in a minor key that is balanced out by her light vocals. The minor key is common in most of her music spanning across all of her albums. The song Obsolete is over six minutes long and entirely worth listening to with the dark lyrics, questioning life and its meaning while directly after, Sellers of Flowers is reminiscent and carefree. The first two songs have hints of pop music and are more upbeat than the rest of the album. I thoroughly enjoyed the album and would definitely listen to the album over and over again.

Lightning Love – Blonde Album

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You may be surprisingly delighted by this lovely little album by the brother-sister-friend trio known as Lightning Love.  They may not be quite my cup of tea, but what can I say?  They are adorable.  They have mastered the sound of simplicity with their latest, long awaited release Blonde Album. The minimal, carefully arranged, melodic tunes within counter the delicate twee pop with lyrics that expound a clear-eyed and unflinching look at the sorrows of love and life.  Like the new wave & Brit-pop groups that inspired the band, Lightning Love knows that the best way to swallow a bitter pill is to douse it in something sweet.

Essential Tracks:
I Know


The Alternative Review Point – Junk Culture – Wild Quiet

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Junk Culture – Wild Quiet

Known for his sample-based production talents, Deepak Mantena has decided to take up the singer-songwriter guise for his third album as Junk Culture on Wild Quiet. The album opener, “Oregon”, starts Wild Quiet out on a garage rock beat and then “Washington” closes the album with a very-fitting aquatic soundscape. The title track “Ceremony” is, oddly enough, not one of the standouts on the album. Instead, I suggest “Growing Pains” and “Indian Summer” as the essential tracks. Although his attempt at traditional song structure leaves something to be desired, open-minded music fans will be delighted with the sample-heavy blissful sounds. Even though at times his lyrics may seem very straight forward and simple, especially in comparison to his influences Atlas Sound, Caribou, and Animal Collective, I’m still very much anticipating Junk Culture’s musical maturity in his future endeavors.

Essential tracks:

Growing Pains

Indian Summer

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