Symbol Soup and the Resurrection of OGNM

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OGNM – OldGuyNewMusic
Yes, that was me a couple of years back when I was blogging for WCYT, just a old guy trying to maintain my edge and continue talking about what I love the most – Independent Music.
Well I have not stopped talking about music, ask anyone I know, but I did let the blog go by the wayside… until a band called Symbol Soup prompted me to come out of retirement!

So Symbol Soup…

This is a band out of London, UK that is absolutely brilliant, but absolutely obscure. Forty Five – yes – F O R T Y F I V E – that is how many monthly listeners they have on Spotify and in my opinion that is a crime and basically was the onus for me jumping back into the OGNM blog!  The latest album they have Participation Trophy is creative and beautiful and catchy all at the same time.  Listening to Symbol Soup reminds me of Pavement musically and of Sparklehorse a bit with the way they use noise.  I actually reached out to the band on Facebook Messenger and told them of my quest.  They were very cool and very appreciative. In addition to the bands mentioned above they mentioned Hovvdy and Happyness as current bands that have shaped their sound.
So here is your charge… I am shooting to push Symbol Soup over 100 monthly listeners in the next couple weeks, then who knows.  Give it a listen, if you like it share it with your friends.  If you don’t, give me a shout out and tell me where I am wrong on this band.   But whatever you do – keep talking about music!

Check Symbol Soup out on Bandcamp at:

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