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  • DJ AJ


    Alec Pena
    Schenkel – 4

    A. NFC EAST – Dallas Cowboys: They don’t have a great team, but they’re better then everyone in their conference. They also do a good job at stopping the run.
    B. NFC NORTH – Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler is playing great to start the season and pull off comebacks, and his WR’s are making clutch pays. They better be careful though because they are barely pulling out their wins.
    C. NFC SOUTH – New Orleans: Brees is back and he’s throwing the ball well, and we will see them play a great Miami Dolphins team this weekend, so it’ll be interesting to see how they play against each other.
    D. NFC WEST – Seattle: They have an explosive offense, Wilson is playing great and their Secondary is impressing me. I think that this is the team that can beat the Denver Broncos.
    E. AFC EAST – Miami: They are my surprise (3-0) team right now, played great against the Colts. There needs to be some improvements, but I think they could pull it off.
    F. AFC NORTH – Cincinnati: They have a played two great teams so far, so I think that barely losing to a great Chicago team and beat the Packers, then that makes me believe that they have a great chance to have a good season. There is room for improvement, but I believe that they can pull it off with their offense.
    G. AFC SOUTH – Indianapolis: They beat the 49ers, and now they could turn into a dual-threat offense with a great throwing game and running game. Their defense is improving every game, so I think that this team can defiantly win their division this year.
    H. AFC WEST – Denver: Peyton Manning is the best QB in the NFL and their offense is sickly awesome. They are playing great football and I can see them going to the Super Bowl if Manning doesn’t have another bad playoff year.

    2. I don’t think that this is a question, the SEC has been the best for the past seven years at least, so I think that they’re continuing that dominate streak. The SEC included great teams including Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Florida, etc. Right now, there are 4 teams from the SEC that are in the top 10, and there are an extra 3 teams outside the top 10. The SEC, in my opinion should be called the “Defensive Conference” because they have the best defense out of all the conferences.
    No.5) Kansas City Chiefs
    No.4) New Orleans Saints
    No.3) Chicago Bears
    No.2) Seattle Seahawks
    No.1) Denver Broncos


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