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Woods is a group that really does not have their name out there at all. From a few searches around the net it seems their folk rock style drives their music, and that really does ring true based off their new album “With Light And With Love” out now on their very own label Woodist. The group seems to combine best elements of folk and rock in one album, leaving a lasting impression on the ear that doesn’t seem to go away.

The album starts off quite folkie and twangy in nature, but delves further into the elements of rock as it further develops as a full song. The prominent guitar sound in the song stays the same the whole time, setting a wholesome mood for the song, with a violin coming in to compliment the sounds even further. Once the lyrics come in it becomes a more progressive folk, seemingly overly-synthesized vocals drive the soul of the song, and often is not something that is considered usual in a folk styled piece, but creates a unique style that is pleasant to the ear in this song. The next song does a complete 180, starting off more rock oriented with a larger array of instruments to drive it forward, with a less prominent guitar, and more prominent drum and piano. These contrasting songs do a great deal for the album and set the precedent for the rest to come on the album.

Their eponymous track is long, over nine minutes,  but every single second is worth it. The chorus like singing in the song followed by drawn out and craftily made guitar solos do precisely what the rest of the album does – create a mixture of folk and rock that soothes the soul but yet won’t put you to sleep. Around brilliant guitar work and superb editing, groupings of synthesized vocals and dramatic pause fade out any misconception of the bands intentions, making the whole album flow together unlike any other and creating a free-flowing aura that glistens from the audio.

The rest of the album follows a similar mixture, gleefully swapping between folk and rock, creating elegant melodies that create a lasting impression that stems from each song. It seems very experimental and progressive, but the confidence that radiates from each strum of the guitar and flies out of the mouth of the singer makes it seem so original and leaves a listener wondering why they’ve never heard of them. Personally never having heard any of their previous work, I can only imagine what it would have in store for any person with an ear for music.

Woods seems to have created an album that goes where not many other artists have gone – looking into the creative side of folk rock and not worrying about the already created template by dozens of other artists. Overall they deliver quality tone that stands out among the rest, partly due to their unique sound, and leave a lasting impression and do not recreate the genre, just remold their interpretation of it. The album is a stellar example of lyrical and musical adaptation, and hopefully there is much more to come from the group.




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