Paul Bergmann “Romantic Thoughts”

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Paul Bergmann’s 5 track EP Romantic thoughts, released earlier this year on October 2nd, is his debut album into the music industry. This Folk artist has had many influences on his music such as Johnny Cash, and Woody Guthrie, and it shows in this album. His old 60’s soft rock core melodies stretch throughout all of his songs to complete a very well put together album. Harmonica solos echo through most of the tracks excluding Wishing Song, as Bergmann’s deep and powerful voice takes over the tune and rides through it. Track one, You May Never Know, is a nice intro track, setting the mood of the album. It guides the listener and provides a nice rhythm of acoustic melodies and classic guitar riffs and chords. Although it’s not as strong as the other tracks on the album, You May Never Know does an excellent job at introducing the listener to Romantic Thoughts, sparking interest and wonder into the rest of Bergmann’s compositions. Track 2, Drunk (Alone, And New), starts with a very nice 3 step beat that progresses along the song, never losing its upbeat mood. The song mixes complex lyrics and emotion to form a truly engaging piece. The use of harmonica at the end of the song helps transition to the next track beautifully. The third track, Wishing Song, is the climax of the album, and serves as good note to end the ep on, with a nice acoustic duet with Emily Kokal of Warpaint. The raw emotion and energy that’s radiates from this song is astonishing as both Kokal and Bergmann complement each other with sweet, deep humming through the melodies of the song. Track four of Romantic Thoughts, Ocean song, keeps the same pace as Wishing Song, but a little faster. It’s washboard like beat that keeps the song steadily moving on, compliments the songs classic sound. Ocean Song has a Frank Sinatra like tone, with deep and soothing lyrics, evenly composed throughout the tune. The last track on the album, Los Angeles, puts the listener in Bergmann’s city of Los Angeles. Describing his experiences and feelings towards the city, it seems that sadness and depression have dominated the mood of the song. With talking about dreaming, and getting drunk to escape from the reality of Los Angeles, although, oddly enough, Paul seems to have grown to enjoy Los Angeles even if everything around him as gone wrong. The deep, soothing hums of Bergmann call the song to an end, as the grand acoustic melody cascades to an end. Overall, I would give Paul Bergmann’s Romantic Thoughts an 8.5 out of 10. I say this because I believe that this album is amazingly well composed and has nice and soothing acoustic riffs. In the end, this EP truly shows the musical talent of Paul Bergmann, and I hope to hear more of his work in the future.


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