Robert Reviews – clipping. – CLPPNG

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Conceptual albums are an amazing thing in theory, but very hard to accomplish. They use complex analogies and stories to push a lot of themes at once and in the end there is some form of lesson in listening to them. CLPPNG, the new rap album from clipping., fails to bring any of that criteria into any physical form, leaving scraps of a torn web of concepts scattered throughout. Some songs blend together thematically, but others just break away from this overall theme of disappointment in rap. The new album really struggles to stay true to one style, and splinters into serious song followed by songs repetitively talking about drugs and committing crimes.

The Power Hour/The Spartan Sitdown

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The third week in and these podcast just keep getting better. In this episode we talk about prom, A Haunted House 2, if Batman or Spiderman is better, the girls from Random Radio stop by and much more. While we had to make some changes due to studio problems, not all the guys will be able to make it on air all the time, but they will all be in the future podcasts. Keep up the great support!

High School Radio Day = Success

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Wednesday, April 23rd was National High School Radio Day and The Point 91fm opened its doors to the public so they could celebrate with us. Promotional items were given away, CD’s and Shirts were for sale, student DJ’s were available to talk to, and tours of the studio were aplenty. We even let anyone record their voice to play in future spots on the station. All of it combined made the day a success. We wanted to thank all of those who showed up and say “we’ll see you again next year!”






Robert’s Reviews – Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s “Slingshot To Heaven”

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Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s have been around for nearly a decade now, and it seems like almost yesterday I heard their music. A few years ago before I got into any sort of independent music I had a friend mention something about this small band from Indianapolis that was stirring up some noise. I can’t fathom the amount of times I’ve gone through their entire discography and just embraced the pulsating aura that vibrates the soul with every chord in each of their songs. Slingshot To Heaven is no different from their other albums, and definitely follows the persona the band tries to fulfill.

Margot has not made any changes to their core composition over the past decade, and it shows in every song they produce. Slingshot To Heaven is a little bit lighter than their other productions, but it comes across as more conceptual in nature. It reminisces of not just life on the West Coast, but ultimately life anywhere except for “here”. Every song conveys an idea of being alone or living in another place that is not the present. “Hello San Francisco”, “Los Angeles”, and “Long Legged Blonde Memphis” are all direct references to famous cities located around the United States, and all fantasize about being there in the moment rather than stuck in the current life. The concept of growing up and wanting to be someone different in another place is a new idea from the group, and it sets a hopeful precedent for future albums.

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