Should We Add Iceage? – Contest

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After two weeks worth of voting The Hundred in the Hands squeaked by with just enough votes to be added to the playlist. This week we are heading over to Denmark for some fresh sounds from a group of teenagers called Iceage. Listen to their song “You’re Blessed” on our poll or after the break

We have begun our contest for the Beck 7″ from Third Man Records. If you think you can name at least 25 of the artists, from our cover photo, head on over to Facebook Like us and send a message with the correct answers. Contest ends on June 30th where all winning entries will be entered into a drawing for the vinyl record.

All entries must be able to pick up the vinyl in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Should We Add? The Hundred in the Hands

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Patrick Watson received just enough votes last week for us to add the song to the playlist. Listen to the newest song for adds by The Hundred in the Hands

Another band straight out of Brooklyn, New York. This duo’s second album Red Night will be coming out with this little gem “Keep it Low” on it. The song is above and in the poll so listen and vote if we should add The Hundred in the Hands to the Point 91.

Should We Add: Rules
1. Each song gets a whole week up on the site and Facebook to acquire as many votes for or against as possible.
2. If the song for the last week does not reach either 5 votes adds or 5 votes don’t add, the song will stay on the site until either of the required allotment of votes is attained.
3. If the required votes is not reached within two weeks then the song will not be added.
4. If a song gets both 5 votes add and 5 votes don’t add then we will go by which ever vote count is greater.

Listen and vote to the right or after the break!


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In one of the most highly anticipated baseball games in years, the #8 ranked Homestead Spartans will take on the #2 ranked Huntington North Vikings in Sectional action Saturday morning at 10am. The game will be played at the beautiful Forest Glen Park on the campus of Huntington University.

Pregame coverage on The Point 91FM begins at 9:30am

First pitch will be at 10am

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