Robert’s Folking Reviews – Matthew and the Atlas “Other Rivers”

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Matthew and the AtlasMatthew and the Atlas stole my ear a while back when I first heard their song “I Will Remain”. A couple weeks ago I saw they had a debut album coming out, and was super pumped. Sadly that enthusiasm did not end up being exactly what I had hoped for, as the album differs from what I am used to hearing. Matthew took the group in a direction that differentiates from the folk path by a longshot. His incorporation of electronic synthesizers and beats kills the folk vibe much more than I wish to admit. I appreciate him trying new things, but the new album is so-so in its attempts to swoon a different genre than just folk.

Matthew and the Atlas opens up their debut album, four years after their initial signing with Communion Records might I add, with a traditional sounding folk melody with soft-spoken lyrics, and a seemingly over-generic background beat that portrays a reminiscent rock style. As the audio waves go back and forth nothing too catchy pops out, just some lyrics that try and fill a gap during the song and a chorus line of “Ooh”. “Into Gold” left a rather bitter taste and thankfully didn’t set a precedent for the whole album. But alas the inevitable banjo comes in out of nowhere and tries to tie the whole song together into a folkier mix of genres.

Time Signature — 1958

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The latest episode of Time Signature is heading way back in time this week. 56 years from the release date of this episode. Special guest co-host this week Matt Hamilton sharing his knowledge on all things 1958. Musical styles included in this edition of Time Signature include: doo-wop, crooning, folk, jazz and early stages of rock and roll and more.

A New Addition: The Spartan Sitdown

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Its a new addition to the Power Hour and its called, The Spartan Sitdown. Created by a few of my good friends including Gavin Lovvorn, Jake Nemeroff, Alex Brenneke, and Derek Meneely, the show is based on topics that are currently trending at the school, our own personal opinions and some of our very own shenanigans. The Spartan Sitdown is the place for News and information at Homestead, where students get a voice. Each week is a new topic about student concerns and events at homestead. Remember, its your voice, USE IT. Thursdays after school. The new addition to the show will begin airing next week but all topics will be posted as podcasts here on the main page

Time Signature 1974

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Time Signature is back with another year. Tune in every Friday night @ 9 for every episode only a select few will be available for downloading. Every other week we will debut a new show with a replay of the new episode in-between.

This episode features the many sounds of 1974 County, Progressive, Soul, Funk, Proto-Punk, Rock and Roll and more. Check after the break for the full line up for this weeks episode.


-The Residents– “Smelly Tongues″
-George McCrae – “You Can Have It All”
-Randy Newman – “‘Birmingham”
-Leonard Cohen – “Is This What You Wanted”
-Bob Dylan & The Band – “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”
-Bob Dylan – “Dirge”
-Neil Young – “Motion Pictures”
-David Bowie – “Sweet Thing”
-The Velvet Underground – “Jesus”
-New York Dolls – “Chatterbox”
-Al Green – “Take Me To The River”
-Queen – “Flick of the Wrist”
-The Charlie Daniels Band – “The South’s Gonna Do It”
-Big Star – “September Gurls”
-Death – “The Masks”
-Bob Marley – “No Woman No Cry”
-Brian Eno – “Third Uncle”
-Can – “Dizzy Dizzy”
-Dolly Parton – “I Will Always Love You”
-John Cale – “Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend”
-Gram Parsons – “Return of the Grievous Angel”
-Miles Davis – “Rated X”
-Patti Smith – “Hey Joe″
-Tom Waits – “Shiver Me Timbers”
-Parliament – “Up For The Down Stroke”
-Roxy Music – “Thrill of it All”
-Brian Eno – “Needles in the Camel’s Eye”
-Stevie Wonder – “You Haven’t Done Nothin’”
-Frank Zappa – “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow”
-Barry White – “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe”

Joywave – “How Do You Feel?”

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The EP How Do You Feel? from the band “Joywave” employs appealing rhythms, some rather strange sounds, joywaveand an engaging lead singer to create a different, sometimes over the top, but still intriguing album.

The first song “Tongues” begins with, what I find, an extremely irritating sound. A girl making strange “bleep” noises in the background periodically interrupts the otherwise enjoyable song. Other than the strange noise that seems to just be tossed into the record, the male singer has a pleasant and interesting voice that helps to bring out the more attractive instruments and sounds in the background. After hearing the first song I was left slightly annoyed, but still wanting to hear more.

The next song, “In Clover” begins with another strange stream of synthesized sounds, not quite as irritating as the first, but I still found it weird and unnecessary. As the song continues and the singer begins, I was dismayed to find that his voice is recorded in a bizarre echoic fashion that makes him sound distant and alien. In the middle of the song the out-of-this-universe mood continues with an extremely creepy voice repeating “I’ll be your clover.” After that song had finished I was beginning to think that maybe the first song had made me a little too hopeful, but then as the third song came on, I regained an optimistic outlook.

While the beat in “Somebody New” is still more different and edgier than what I usually hear in songs, it works well to create a sense of excitement and the singer’s voice returns to normal to sound exhilarated by what he is singing. The third song still applies synthesized sounds, but this time they work to the song’s advantage. The beats from the drum in the background help keep all the different elements in balance.

The fourth and final song of the EP, “Now,” continued to keep my interest, sounding somewhat like the alternative band “Phoenix”. The song is fast-pace and it seems like a good song to play late at night if you want to listen to something to keep you moving and uplifted.  Towards the very end of “Now,” the fast drum begins to slow down and it appears that many of the instruments have now finished their part and taken a break as the song gradually fades out, announcing the end.

Overall I think this new EP from “Joywave” is a pretty good record to move around to and keep you awake on weekends, although you may want to skip the second song.

-Rhianna Slager


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