Joywave – “How Do You Feel?”

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The EP How Do You Feel? from the band “Joywave” employs appealing rhythms, some rather strange sounds, joywaveand an engaging lead singer to create a different, sometimes over the top, but still intriguing album.

The first song “Tongues” begins with, what I find, an extremely irritating sound. A girl making strange “bleep” noises in the background periodically interrupts the otherwise enjoyable song. Other than the strange noise that seems to just be tossed into the record, the male singer has a pleasant and interesting voice that helps to bring out the more attractive instruments and sounds in the background. After hearing the first song I was left slightly annoyed, but still wanting to hear more.

The next song, “In Clover” begins with another strange stream of synthesized sounds, not quite as irritating as the first, but I still found it weird and unnecessary. As the song continues and the singer begins, I was dismayed to find that his voice is recorded in a bizarre echoic fashion that makes him sound distant and alien. In the middle of the song the out-of-this-universe mood continues with an extremely creepy voice repeating “I’ll be your clover.” After that song had finished I was beginning to think that maybe the first song had made me a little too hopeful, but then as the third song came on, I regained an optimistic outlook.

While the beat in “Somebody New” is still more different and edgier than what I usually hear in songs, it works well to create a sense of excitement and the singer’s voice returns to normal to sound exhilarated by what he is singing. The third song still applies synthesized sounds, but this time they work to the song’s advantage. The beats from the drum in the background help keep all the different elements in balance.

The fourth and final song of the EP, “Now,” continued to keep my interest, sounding somewhat like the alternative band “Phoenix”. The song is fast-pace and it seems like a good song to play late at night if you want to listen to something to keep you moving and uplifted.  Towards the very end of “Now,” the fast drum begins to slow down and it appears that many of the instruments have now finished their part and taken a break as the song gradually fades out, announcing the end.

Overall I think this new EP from “Joywave” is a pretty good record to move around to and keep you awake on weekends, although you may want to skip the second song.

-Rhianna Slager


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