Garrett Willis

Garrett Willis is currently a junior at Homestead High School and is a co-host of The Huddle on The Point.  He may be the biggest sports junkie at WCYT and may have the most eclectic mix of favorite teams.  Ever.  He is a fanatic of the Indianapolis Colts, Kentucky Wildcats, Oklahoma Sooners, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Chicago Blackhawks.  Along with this, he was the host of The Triangle Offense from 2015-16, which was known to be the #2 weekday sports talk show on The Point. He is an avid golfer and plays on the Homestead golf team, winning the individual sectional title in 2016.  Garrett is willing to tell it like it is and is not afraid if not everyone will agree with him with his perspectives on sports.


Show Time:

The Huddle, Mondays 2:45-3:45

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