Depression Cherry by Beach House

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Between their first four albums the Baltimore duo Beach House has quickly become the “it” band for dream-pop. Victoria Legrand’s soft, angelic vocals seem to be the drug that hooks listeners in. So for their new record I didn’t expect anything but perfection. Although Depression Cherry is not what I would consider their best album, they do deliver. With more emphasis on the lyrics and guitar, this album contains a bliss that will keep you coming back for more. Tracks like “Sparks” can easily put you in a trance that slowly fades as the song builds. There are a few songs that tend to drag on like “Days Of Candy” and “Blue Bird”, but beyond that this album is just typical Beach House with a heavier flare. Although I did thoroughly enjoy the album I can’t say I didn’t expect more. I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be able to get by with releasing the same melancholy sound. Even though the album lacked diversity, it didn’t stop me from playing the album on repeat for days on end. In terms of quality, I’d give the album a solid 3.5 stars. Again, I expected something different but I can’t shake my love for this album.


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