Should We Add Jukebox The Ghost?

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The last should we add was a big success, the poll received a lot of votes both for and against. Hot Chip’s “Night and Day” has been the most highly contested poll we have seen. But the results are in and at 12:00 am Tuesday the final count shows the adds winning the poll by one vote.

Should We Add: Rules
1. Each song gets a whole week up on the site and Facebook to acquire as many votes for or against as possible.
2. If the song for the last week does not reach either 5 votes adds or 5 votes don’t add, the song will stay on the site until either of the required allotment of votes is attained.
3. If the required votes is not reached within two weeks then the song will not be added.
4. If a song gets both 5 votes add and 5 votes don’t add then we will go by which ever vote count is greater.

Listen and vote to the right or after the break!

Homestead Baseball

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The Homestead Spartan baseball season is upon us. Check 91.1FM for play-by-play of each home game and postseason games.

April 17th – Blackhawk Christian 5pm
April 26th – Columbia City 5pm
May 3rd – DeKalb 5pm
May 8th – Carroll 5pm
Sectional – TBA


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Welcome to the brand new website for The Point 91. We have added a lot of content to the site and will be adding more in the coming weeks. We have a new Should We Add poll up, we are going to have the entire catalog up for your browsing pleasures, a new look to what is currently playing, a top albums feature, a music blog (more info after the jump), and a big section featuring Homestead high School Sports. In addition to our upgraded site, our station stream is now setup for you to listen in on your mobile phone!

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