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WCYT Award Winners

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Terri Award


The Point 91fm DJ’s Kolin Davis and Austin Render have been recognized by Columbia College Chicago for 1st place in  Radio Sportscasting / Play by Play (Render) and 1st place in Radio Station Promotion / Production. (Davis) The two are recipients of the Terri Hemmert High School Student Radio / Audio Award.

You can hear Austin Render call the first Ladies Spartans Basketball broadcast on November 24th at 7:30 and you can hear Kolin on his shows Three’s Company and The Entertainment Interruption every Friday starting at 2:45


High School Radio Day

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Come on down to the WCYT Studios on Wednesday, April 22nd for High School Radio Day!

We will have our WCYT Shirts on sale, a $2 CD sale, studio tours,  so many prizes your head will spin and a whole lot more. If you just want to see how a high school radio station works or even meet some of the students you may hear on regular basis, stop on by.

Our address is 4310 Homestead Road in Fort Wayne. You can enter through Door 1 of the high school. From there follow the signs down to the station and come hang out with out student broadcasters and staff.

We hope to see you out there! 

High School Radio Day
The Point 91fm
Homestead High School, Fort Wayne
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Robert Reviews – clipping. – CLPPNG

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Conceptual albums are an amazing thing in theory, but very hard to accomplish. They use complex analogies and stories to push a lot of themes at once and in the end there is some form of lesson in listening to them. CLPPNG, the new rap album from clipping., fails to bring any of that criteria into any physical form, leaving scraps of a torn web of concepts scattered throughout. Some songs blend together thematically, but others just break away from this overall theme of disappointment in rap. The new album really struggles to stay true to one style, and splinters into serious song followed by songs repetitively talking about drugs and committing crimes.

High School Radio Day = Success

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Wednesday, April 23rd was National High School Radio Day and The Point 91fm opened its doors to the public so they could celebrate with us. Promotional items were given away, CD’s and Shirts were for sale, student DJ’s were available to talk to, and tours of the studio were aplenty. We even let anyone record their voice to play in future spots on the station. All of it combined made the day a success. We wanted to thank all of those who showed up and say “we’ll see you again next year!”






Robert’s Folking Reviews – Woods “With Light and With Love”

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Woods is a group that really does not have their name out there at all. From a few searches around the net it seems their folk rock style drives their music, and that really does ring true based off their new album “With Light And With Love” out now on their very own label Woodist. The group seems to combine best elements of folk and rock in one album, leaving a lasting impression on the ear that doesn’t seem to go away.

The album starts off quite folkie and twangy in nature, but delves further into the elements of rock as it further develops as a full song. The prominent guitar sound in the song stays the same the whole time, setting a wholesome mood for the song, with a violin coming in to compliment the sounds even further. Once the lyrics come in it becomes a more progressive folk, seemingly overly-synthesized vocals drive the soul of the song, and often is not something that is considered usual in a folk styled piece, but creates a unique style that is pleasant to the ear in this song. The next song does a complete 180, starting off more rock oriented with a larger array of instruments to drive it forward, with a less prominent guitar, and more prominent drum and piano. These contrasting songs do a great deal for the album and set the precedent for the rest to come on the album.

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