Dan Kinnaley from the Snarks top 9 of 2016

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Here are my top 9 records for 2016 if you’re interested in publishing them. I tried to find a 10th, and nothing stuck out to me. Maybe I need to listen to more new music next year! Thanks for asking.
Savage Master – With Whips and Chains

Savage Master are a female fronted heavy metal band from Lousiville, KY in the vein of Manila Road, who know their way around some serious hooks, and trade in an image heavily indebted to 80s schlock. It’s campy heavy metal fun of the highest order.

Mean Jeans – Tight New Dime

The Ramones are the best punk band of all time, and a lot of bands that emulate their sound get the song structure and speed right, but miss the frenetic energy, ear worm worthy vocal hooks, and stupidity behind some of the best Ramones songs like 53rd and 3rd, Teenage Lobotomy, and I Wanna Be Sedated. Mean Jeans nail all of it. I’ve been humming this record involuntarily since it came out.

Natural Child – Okey Dokey

Groovy, southern rock with a few country leanings that tip off the bands’s Nashville roots. I’m not well versed in the nuances of this sort of thing, but it’s what my parents would have called “driving music”. When I need to clear my head, I’ll go for a drive and this is a staple.

Bob Mould – Patch The Sky

Husker Du is one of my all time favorite bands, and Bob Mould is, in my opinion, one of the greatest American songwriters. Starting with Silver Age in 2012 he’s been on a tear releasing some of the finest guitar pop committed to record.
Mike Adams At His Honest Weight – Casino Drone

“Underneath The Door” is my favorite song from 2016, it’s near perfect power pop. The riff could be from an early Cheap Trick record, or maybe something from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers? The track has this great Midwestern earnestness that made me fall in love with songwriters like Bob Mould and there is a guitar lead around the 2:40 mark that gets stuck in my head for days. The songs around it are nearly as good. Mike Adams is Indiana’s best songwriter and he hasn’t made a bad record yet.
Tenement – Bruised Music Vol. 2

I read a lot about how Beach Slang are the second coming of The Replacements, but to me their earnestness feels kind of put-on. Tenement are the real deal, playing pop-punk injected with a strong pop-sensibility with a healthy dose of classic rock all being torn apart at the seams by noise. It sounds to me like exactly the sort of thing the Mats would be doing if they were a contemporary band.
Dinosaur JR – Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

The riff that opens this record on “Goin Down” is what I would show anyone who wanted to understand why I love this band so much. It’s thick and heavy, but hummable, and J. Mascis understated voice acts as the perfect counterpoint for the big riffs.

Mikey Erg – Tentative Decisions

After writing out this list, I realized I spent most of 2016 listening to guitar pop of some sort, and Mikey Erg is in my opinion the current heavyweight champ of the genre. It’s remiss to call this a pop-punk record, which might be easy since Mikey has written some of the best pop-punk songs of the last two decades. This is the best kind of pop, like Elvis Costello on My Aim is True or Joe Jackson on Look Sharp!, filtered through the last 40 years of grit and noise that’s been introduced to the genre. I’ll be listening to this one well into 2017.
Sturgill Simpson – A Sailors Guide to Earth

This record is beautiful. It’s just as much a soul record as it is country, the inclusion of The Dap Kings and the liberal use of Hammond organ, make this sound like a long-lost Memphis classic. Sturgill Simpson also has one of the best voices in modern Country, it’s deep and rich kind of like Johnny Cash’s, but with even more soul. I can’t recommend this enough.

Ryan Holquist from March On, Comrade Top 10 of 2016

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March On, Comrade will be performing with a 12-piece chamber orchestra, January 21st in a one-night-only performance. Hosted at ArtsLab in the Auer Center, 300 E Main st. more information is available at Facebook. Tickets available now!

I felt like I wasn’t too on top of things this year, probably partly because I feel like most of the albums that got the most attention didn’t do much for me (Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, etc.)… But once I gave it some thought, there was some great stuff.

10. Strfkr: Being No One, Going Nowhere
Poppiest guilty pleasure on the list, listened to exclusively this for about 3 weeks.
9. Jim James: Eternally Even
Not the world’s biggest My Morning Jacket fan, but this one grabbed me the day it came out.  Can you say “grabbed” anymore?
8. Nels Cline: Lovers
Interesting to hear Nels Cline depart from Wilco and his usual avantgarde jazz to do something comparatively traditional and Blue Note-y.
7. Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster: Constant Stranger
Love this guy!  JPKS sings like a baby bird.
6. The Album Leaf: Between Waves
A little more electro than I prefer my sauce, but I can’t not love pretty much anything this guy(s) does.
5. Donny McCaslin: Beyond Now
This is the band from Bowie’s Blackstar album.  Jazzier, but same beautiful vibe.
4. Andy Shauf: The Party
I don’t know much about Andy Shauf, but I like this album and have been listening to it all year.
3. The Lemon Twigs: Do Hollywood
A friend of mine insisted I listen to this band, and I love it.  I don’t know much about them, but I love the album.  MGMT + Queen + Jellyfish + Beach Boys…or something
2. Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool
I get tired of participating in the anticipation and hype surrounding the release date of the next Radiohead album, so it was a pleasant surprise when this came out.  I had no specific expectations, apart from general awesomeness, and I love the vibe of it.
1. David Bowie: Blackstar
I listened to this all weekend when it came out, hoping he’d tour with the band on this record.  I’d finally get to see Bowie with an incredible band, including one of my very favorite drummers in the world.  And then on Sunday, he died… and that would be the beginning of a year with more than its share of bad news and let downs.

Matt Kelley from Legendary Trainhoppers: Top 10 of 2016

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Matt Kelley plays mandolin in The Legendary Trainhoppers and runs The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar.

Hiss Golden Messenger: Heart Like a Levee. Sometimes music is just right time, right place; this album (and its bonus collection, Vestapol) felt like a harpoon shot into my soul, to staggeringly beautiful results.

The I Don’t Cares: Wild Stab. Paul and Jules, sand-paper and daffodil, as they say (and said). Wild ’n’ wily, Westerberg is sharper than ever here; funny, heartbreaking, snide, out of tune and bled out, yet still believing, still rising. My hero.

Sam Evian, Premium. Started listening because he/they were opening for Teenage Fanclub, got lost in it. Saw them open for Teenage Fanclub (and, prior to that, Whitney), and didn’t just get lost IN it, but rather, I lost it altogether.

Paul Burch, Meridian Rising. I’m in a band; I wouldn’t mind if that band sounded like this. In other words, a concept album about Jimmie Rodgers’ life and death, ramshackle and loose and bawdy and boisterous.

Drive-By Truckers, American Band. Or this. If Joe Strummer were to write an album about America in 2016, it would sound pretty much just like American Band. I know you think you know the DBT’s; go listen again.

Whitney, Light upon the Lake. Pop album of the year; beautiful to just drop the needle on, and go about your day, well, unless you listen a little more closely, that is…

Teenage Fanclub, Here. This album is really terrific—better than Wilco’s, which came out the same day—but the real highlight of the Fannies and me this year was finally getting to see ‘em live, after desiring to do so for 25 years…

The Avett Brothers, True Sadness. Hey now, I, too, started running from Rubin. I ran like hell, I really did. But this album is pure brills. Redemption, despite the tape loops.

Slow Dakota, The Ascension of Slow Dakota. I was talking to PJ Sauerteig about this and he’s like “You’re in a band too?” and I said, “Yeah, we’ve got songs about cars AND girls” and he was like, “Oh. My songs are about existentialism in a post-ironic past-modern society, that come to terms with the bars that keep all of us privately in a struggle against an outside world that’s actually an internal monologue…” PS It’s shockingly enjoyable to listen to, too.

Warpaint, Heads Up. Slinky and atmospheric, out all night, whiskey on an ice cold tongue.

Mike Adams at His Honest Weight, Casino Drone. Tremendous, but if only Mike had picked the best here, and combined it with last year’s unbelievable Preparation Age EP, he’d been top three of the year.

Top 10 Albums of 2016 From Dani House

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Dani House from Microwave Miracles

Dani House from Microwave Miracles


Bedbug – if i got smaller grew wings and flew away


Frankie Cosmos – Next Thing


Tenniscoats – Music Exists Vol. 3


4. Andy Shauf – The Party

5. Kalan Ya Heidi – Kemuri

6. bunny boy – Shelly

7. soccer mommy – for young hearts

8. Gorgeous Bully – n.w.o.b.h.m.

9. Brendan Sepe – Songs Over the Telephone

10. Siobhan – St. Pius Session

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