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After a break, we have changed our voting requirements to help decide the fate of our Should We Add polls.

1. Each song gets a whole week up on the site and Facebook to acquire as many votes for or against as possible.
2. If the song for the last week does not reach either 10 votes adds or 5 votes don’t add, the song will stay on the site until either of the required allotment of votes is attained.
3. If the required votes is not reached within two weeks then the song will not be added.
4. If a song gets both 10 votes add and 5 votes don’t add then we will go by which ever vote count is greater.

Listen and vote to the right or after the break!

Should We Add – Jeff The Brootherhood

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Great turnout last week for Hospitality’s should we add, we even got a shout out on twitter from the band.

This week we are going to dig back a bit and not a new song from a band. Should we add will be from Jeff The Brotherhood titled “Stay Up Late” Listen to the song below and then after the break vote if you want to add the song to our playlist.

Hospitality – Should We Add

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Porcelain Raft has been added to our playlist thanks to our listeners voting last week.

This week we move on to a band called Hospitality and their song “Friends of Friends” You might have seen the music video recently as it stars Alia Shawkat, from Arrested Development fame as Maeby Funke and comedian Gabe Delahaye. If you have not seen it check it out after the break.

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