Indiana Association of Student Broadcasters 2015 WCYT Winners

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We would like to congratulate our student broadcasters on the great showing at the Indiana Association of Student Broadcasters 2015 state competition in Indianapolis. WCYT took home two first place trophies, two second place awards and two third place awards along with two students finishing as finalists for the live broadcasting portion of the Indiana Association of Student Broadcasters for the year 2015.
Casey Stanley – Radio Imaging

Austin Render, Garrett Willis, & Connor Fitzharris – Sporting Event Broadcast

To Listen to the other winning entries Click here

Ty From Metavari comes into The Point for an Interview

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Metavari “Moonless”

Last week we had one of the founding members from one of  Fort Wayne’s best electronic bands,  Metavari, in studio. Metavari’s brand new album Moonless came out February 17th and is available in town at our buddy Neat Neat Neat Records and Music and will have their record release party March 7th at the Phoenix in Fort Wayne.

Our DJ KollyD had a conversation with Ty in studio about the origins of the band, the new album and more so if you missed out this weekend take a listen here. Don’t forget to request their newest song “See Again” at 260-431-2911 the request and TEXT line.

Local bands

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Local bands, we are looking for music to include on a brand new show. If you are in a band, from the state of Indiana, have recorded music, and want airplay, please email us. Fill out this form and we will contact you back.


WCYT The Point 91fm

Hot Wax Residue: Neat Neat Neat Records

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So, normally I come on here and talk glowingly about local bands that trip my trigger.  Give ’em the full treatment, you know?  Put ’em up on a pedestal and make ’em feel like the special pretties I know they are.  Normally.  But this week is different.  You see, this week I’m gonna talk about Morrison Agen and Neat Neat Neat Records.  Not at length, mind you.  He’s been profiled in most local publications already, as well as national treasures as hoity toity as Records Monthly, Slap That Wax, Spinnin’, Kiss My Acetate and my favorite, Fancy Cat.

 I’m just gonna give you my perspective about what this ‘fancy cat’ has done for the Fort since he first opened his doors in March of 2011.  I’ve floated around the country here and there for the better part of 20 years.  Whenever I moved to a new domicile in a new city there were three things I would locate before all else: a bookstore, a coffee shop and a record store.  The last place I lived before the Fort was the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago.  And for me it was Kickstand Coffee & Tea, The Gallery Bookstore and Groovin High inc.  I wasn’t too far from the Vic either, so catching great shows wasn’t a problem.  But above all else, those things most important to me were coffee, books and records. 

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