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Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell Review

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I was never truly enchanted with The Flaming Lips, or the similar artists of their time. I’m someone who, when it comes to music, enjoys lyrical content or for lack of a better word the mesencens of a song. When the Flaming Lips came to Fort Wayne back in 2016 I didn’t take a lot of time to really listen to them before attending their show. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised by how much I truly enjoyed their acute live performance, making my distaste for their music at the time obsolete. I went home that night and looked through their discography, skimming through the several albums on hand. I eventually landed on “Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell.” The album struck me different than most of their signal songs I had heard throughout the years. Of course everyone knows “ Do you Realize??” and some might say the remix that makes an appearance on this album is just an offensive joke in comparison to its predecessor; I’d go as far to say it’s a more energetic, engaging and honestly superior, marking it as my favorite song off the album. “Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell isn’t particularly long, but it does have moments where it drags on for an uncomfortable amount of time. “Assassination of the Sun” being one of these songs is redundant and feels like unnecessary leftover pieces of the album. Although this album is still missing some lyrical components for me, and sometimes drifts from deeply engaging to slightly boring and repetitive especially during the girth of the record, I still found it really enjoyable, so much so that I think I won’t shy away from this type of music any longer.


The Flaming Lips will appear at the Clyde Theatre August 16th. We are giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the show, all you need to do is listen to the Point the rest of the week and text in your answer our question and the winners will be announced Monday morning.  


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Generations is a show consisting of a panel spanning many generations in age. Each person will discuss the song that shaped their musical foundation. Each panelist will give their opinion of everyone’s song of choice.

(Episode 1.01)

Today’s Panel
Dr. Phil Downs – Superintendent of SACS
Adam Schenkel – Teacher at Homestead HS
Joe Swymeler – Senior at Homestead HS
Dr. Phil Downs – King Crimson “21st Century Schizoid Man” (1969)
Adam Schenkel – Radiohead “Paranoid Android” (1997)
Joe Swymeler – Tame Impala “Let It Happen” (2015)

Albums with Gunner: Quit the Curse by Anna Burch

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Anna Burch’s Quit The Curse album took me by surprise as being one of my favorite albums of 2018 so far, possibly because it is one of the few albums I’ve listened to that I enjoyed.  The indie-artist’s debut comes to life with the vintage sounds provided by the use of reverb and guitars.


Quit the Curse brings me summer vibes, with the joyous guitar strings and the energetic drums. I keep imagining 1960’s aesthetics with each song and I am in no way complaining because I love all things vintage. One of my favorites include “Belle Isle”, mostly because of the play on guitars which have a poppy melody that gives listeners an imagery of paradise. The opening of “In Your Dreams” had me swaying my head back forth on the beat of each drum.  And of course, the angelic guitar intro  was amazing. (If you can’t already tell, I love guitars). There were a few songs that lost my interest, possibly because of the monotone presence Burch displays in her songs. In the songs that I liked, her voice was paired perfectly with the instruments, which made me favor them more.


The entire album is composed of lyrics in which Anna Burch expresses her romantic disasters.  The entire album gives off a Lana Del Rey sound, with Burch possibly taking inspiration from the mainstream-alt artist, as well as working with the her sound engineer. I listened to this album imaging myself standing up in a vintage car, with my hair blowing in the breeze on the California coast. I would definitely listen to this album again, for aesthetic purposes of course.


Rate: 7/10

The Music Scene Within Fort Wayne

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I’ve spent the entirety of my life in Fort Wayne, IN. Seventeen years watching the city go through transition. It hasn’t been until the last few years that I’ve really noticed a sense of pride within the community, that has grown with the improvements being made within the downtown arts and music scene. I collected a series of interviews from local musicians and business owners that exhibit the change that the city has gone through in the past decade and the fast-approaching changes the city is set to go under.



Albums with Gunner: Earthtones by Bahamas

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Earthtones marks Bahamas fourth studio album. The album has tunes where one can bop their head or tap their toes to, but nothing too hard where they’ll be out of their seats dancing unless of course they prefer this type of music to jam to.


The album takes on a new form of indie, providing listeners with fresh r&b and soul with tracks like “So Free” and “Any Place” but it is tracks like “Alone” and “Everything to Everyone” that caught my attention with the heavy beats. “Alone” starts off very slow, but gives a taste of pleasantry with the background vocals provided by the band’s backup singer Felicity Williams. It moved me through the song, and I appreciated how the song ended with a heavy set of dreams. It set a tone for the rest of the album where drums would be essential in carrying out the tunes. Overall, the guitars in the album stand out for me, as they do in every album, because they help complement the R&B and Soul style that band has going on. Even though I wasn’t alive in the 70’s, the guitars create a sense of the groovy era.


Compared to their 2014 album Bahamas is Afie, which had a folk-style to it, displays the versatility of Bahama’s, enabling them to be inspired by any music and correctly projecting it to an audience. The soft vocals in Earthtones makes the album essential for days spent in coffee shops or even for fun elevator music. I personally do not enjoy music like this, but my ears were satisfied with what they heard. 




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