Indie Movies with Matt: Matt Prefaces his Review of the “Before” Trilogy

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Julie Delpy as Celine (left) alongside Ethan Hawke as Jesse (right) in 2013’s “Before Midnight”

Beginning in the next few weeks on Indie Movies with Matt I will review three movies; 1995’s “Before Sunrise”, 2004’s “Before Sunset”, and 2013’s “Before Midnight”. Each movie written and directed by Richard Linklater follows the passionate love affair between Jesse, played by Ethan Hawke, and Celine, played by French actress Julie Delpy. Each successive film matures in quality and style over time as both the actors who play Jesse and Celine mature, as well as the film’s director, Richard Linklater. The three films are exemplary of the romantic drama that filmmakers have tried so hard to perfect, and each film is made with such a feeling of traditionalism yet creativity that they remain unique in a world of copycats. The films are also incredibly realistic with a great sense of chemistry between the leads that you can’t help but fall in love with the films yourself. But until I review those another time, I’m Matt Hamilton and I hate books (and mainstream cinema, and Colby Shoup).


Indie Movies with Matt: Matt Reviews “Mulholland Drive”

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Laura Harring as Rita (left) alongside Naomi Watts (right) as Betty Elms

“Oh! I can’t believe it!” are the first lines in David Lynch’s psychological neo-noir masterpiece, and what an accurate summation of my feelings for the rest of the film. Originally conceived as a television series, “Mulholland Drive” is a dreamy, cerebral art-house-esque flick that struck it big with critics and movie buffs in 2001. This surrealist’s dream movie is almost incomprehensible, and as things unravel and reveal themselves in the movie, there is only less to understand if you’re a casual movie goer. You could argue that essentially there is no plot, and I understand where that argument comes from, but I disagree with that statement. The film paints itself as merely a simple story, but in that story there is in fact an intricate, multilayered plot. It is required, however, to delve deep within this movie’s complex structure to find this plot.

On the surface the film is the tale of an amnesiac, played by Laura Harring, who arrives in her state of amnesia from a car accident, and the perky Hollywood hopeful Betty, played by Naomi Watts in a breakthrough performance. Watts is incredible and is able to play a very polarized character, with Harring being a great support that can be both innocent and menacing. Together, the two try to discover the identity of Harring and are pulled into a psychotic illusion involving a blue box, a director named Adam Kesher (played by Justin Theroux), and a mysterious night club named Silencio.

Indie Movies with Matt: Matt Reviews “Lost in Translation”

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(Bill Murray as Bob Harris, and Scarlett Johansson as Charlotte)

“Hurrah!” “Hurray!” “Rad!” is what you must be saying right now, because yes, it’s the inaugural edition of my weekly post, Indie Movies with Matt! And I thought I would treat you folks at home to a special review for a special occasion such as this. I’ll be reviewing the award winning “Lost in Translation” written and directed by Thomas Mars’ wife Sophia Coppola, and starring the incomparable Bill Murray and the then 18 year old Scarlett Johansson. This is one of my favorite movies, and I thought it would be right to start off IMWM with a review of a movie I’m extremely passionate about.

Upon first viewing “Lost in Translation”, you realize you’re watching something very familiar, yet very different from anything you’ve seen. It’s the story of older actor Bob Harris (played by Murray) who is in Japan to shoot a series of commercials for Suntory Whisky. While roaming the dreary landscapes of Japan, he meets the young and newlywed Charlotte (played by Johansson).

We Hate Books: An Introduction to “Indie Movies with Matt”

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Steven Spielberg (Not an independent filmmaker)

Ah, yes, “Indie Movies with Matt”; one of the many short-lived segments on the Point’s hit radio show “The Entertainment Interruption”. Well if you’ve missed IMWM it’s back and better than ever (and if you haven’t missed it I could care less). Every Monday on the blog I’ll be posting a review of an independent film I’ve seen, whether it be new, old, etc. I’ll even write articles about certain independent filmmakers, as well as various lists regarding indie films. A bunch of pseudo-punk anti-hipsters like yourselves should enjoy this very much, so keep your eyes glued to, and next week I’ll post my first IMWM review!

If you have any suggestions for movies you want me to review, just shoot me an e-mail at, or just list a movie in the comments section of one of my posts or on my page found under the “Entertainment Interruption” tab under “Staff”. Until next time, I’m Federal Rangeland Matt Hamilton and I hate books.

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