“Beach Music” by Alex G

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Compared to Alex G’s other albums like “DSU” and “Trick” his latest piece “Beach Music” is a more refined approach to his sound. There isn’t anything noticeably different about this album compared to his others except its much cleaner and put together. While creating the album Giannascoli received help from a few friends including Jake Portrait from Unknown Mortal Orchestra who assisted mixing and mastering the LP. Although the vocals are not the strongest Alex G definitely delivers when it comes to creativity and cleverness. He often uses chords that contradict the rhythm of his songs like in “Look Out” and “Thorns”, but he manages to make it work. He also uses multiple instruments which provide the album with a variety of different sounds. The song “In Love” experiments with trumpets and the piano, while the song “Salt” uses different electronic elements. Poet David Berman graces the album with poetic components, creating an even darker appeal. Like his other albums, “Beach Music” contains a gloomier, dismal feeling, but tracks like “Bright Boy” help lighten it up a bit, especially towards the end of the album. Overall “Beach Music” is a great example of how Alex G has grown into a more distinguished artist and shows us just what we can expect from him in the future.

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