Angel Olsen- My Woman

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Angel Olsen- My Woman

            In 2010 Angel Olsen made a name for herself as one of the best “anti-folk” artists of this generation with the single “If Its Alive It Will”. Her heart breaking but honest lyrics resonated with an impressively large audience. Her newest album My Woman continues to impress us with the same dreamy but hard hitting writing style while still experimenting with an assortment of different sounds that range from focused echoes and layered percussion, which compliment her vocals beautifully. Her past two albums, “Burn Your Fire for No Witness” and “Half Way Home” told stories of heartbreak and the complications of being in love, whereas “My Woman” discuses transformation and self-empowerment. The album also contains a range of genres that balance flawlessly. Songs like “Never Be Mine” and “Intern” sound like they were sent straight out of an 80s romantic-drama but still contain obvious modern details. Although there are a handful of flirty-pop songs, the album still remains true to her heavy but melancholy style of writing. The song “Pops” breaks into a gloomy piano melody as she grieves the end of a romance, pleading, “baby, don’t leave”. She uses the song “Woman” as a way to change the subject from pain to empowerment when she fights the critique that her music is too feminine, and proves that your gender is not a source of weakness. My Woman is a collection of heart-breaking and empowering songs that give an honest explanation of what being a woman truly feels like.


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