General Manager

General Manager


Andy Dunn
(General Manager – 2011-present)

Andy has been Mr. Everything at The Point 91FM since 2011 (and really since 2004 when he was a student at Homestead). He is the Music Director, Promotions Director, Web Designer, Business Director, and sometimes even the janitor (not really) of the station.

He is now officially the General Manager, hired full-time in the summer of 2013.

Contact Andy by emailing him or calling him at 260.431.2271.

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  • Jersey Jim


    Please let me know the feedback on Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band CD “Make It Better.”

    Also, the movie Ender’s Game has just been released on Blu ray last week. Jimmy (Peter Wiggin from the movie) is signing movie posters to give to radio stations to give away to your listeners. Depending on demand, we can give each station at least 7 or 8 posters each. Look forward from hearing from you. Hope you enjoyed the music so far.

    Jersey Jim


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